We’re the guys and girls from my school holidays and because of all the cool work we’re doing right now we have decided to start a blog icon smile Our team blog is born   Expect to see some exciting things soon icon smile Our team blog is born

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ukstats 150x150 Get your country Stats!
You can now get statistics and visualize the average holiday date distribution for your country. Enjoy!

Visit the UKs stats page.

To see your countries stats visit your country page and click Stats.

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School holidays in the USA are assigned at a district level so vary more than any other country. There are currently 16500+ different available districts so it is important you check your own district or school calendar before booking a holiday or vacation.

When are the school holidays?

Spring Break

Spring break tends to fall around Easter and usually lasts a week. The date of Easter Varies so see the USA public holiday dates as a reference point.

Winter Break

Winter Break surrounds Christmas and New Year, the Holiday usually lasts a week or two. Winter is on the 25th of December and New Year is on the 1st of January. You should check your school or district calendar to see when the holidays begin and end for your school.

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break surrounds the fourth Thursday of November, schools receive a minimum of two days on this holiday however some schools extend this break up to a week. The date of Thanksgiving Varies so see the USA public holiday dates as a reference point.

Summer Break

The Summer break tends to begin late June and runs through till mid August. This Break represents the end of the school year and the beginning of a new school year.

How the Holiday dates assigned

Each district is a member of a region, for example these are the districts in the region of Alabama. Because each district has unique holiday dates and often each school assigns unique teacher training and snow days you should check your holiday dates for your school at us.MySchoolHolidays.com

The first day of school tends to fall in late August/early September and the school year tends to end between in late June.

Interesting Stats

There is an average of 175 school days.
There is an average of 86 holiday days.
There is an average of 10 public holidays. See the USA public holidays .
See more interesting stats about School Holidays in the USA

Recognized public holidays

The public holidays recognized by schools in the USA are:
[insert public holidays here]

Visit School Holidays USA to find the holiday dates for your school or district.

Visit USA holiday / calendar stats page.

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msh Google Calendar support

You can now send your school calendar straight to Google Calendar from My School Holidays.

To do this.. Visit your school at MySchoolHolidays.com
1. Click Download to Mobile or PC
2. Click Gmail / Google Calendar

Your calendar will be automatically added to your GMail account as a separate calendar to your private calendar. To view other calendars on your mobile phone open your calendar and press the menu button and select “Calendars”. Your school will appear on the list, to view your holidays click on this.

Don’t forget

You can also use an Android Holiday app that sits on your home screen and shows you when the next holiday is and links you directly to future holiday dates!


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A completely free and open service for schools to use to help parents, pupils and teachers know when their holiday dates are so they can make holiday plans and ensure they don’t book holidays that lower attendance! Everyone wins icon smile My School Holidays Why its a useful tool for your school

Find your school on My School Holidays

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email Email holiday notificationsWe’re happy to announce a new feature: Email notifications and updates.

Simply visit your school on MySchoolHolidays and click “Email Updates”. Type in your email address and click submit.

We will email you 1 week before a holiday is due to begin and 1 week before it is due to end. We will also email you when new holiday dates are added for your school or district.

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We’re pleased to release a School Holidays simplified countdown widget that will re-size with your blog or websites sidebar.


Short and Narrow


How it looks:

Short and Wide


How it looks:

Shorter and Narrow


How it looks:

More details and info on our API page.

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Plans were released last Monday to allow all state schools in England to vary their school term dates from September 2015.  Here at MySchoolHolidays, we understand this is a policy change that could cause confusion with both parents and teachers if the process is not properly co-ordinated.

MySchoolHolidays.com is perfectly placed to help schools and local authorities communicate their school term dates using our free website and mobile App.  Term dates can be edited by schools (it only takes a minute) and then published through our website, Android App, Calendar downloads and via periodic emails which parents can subscribe to.

MySchoolHolidays can easily manage the transition to individual school holiday dates if the plans put forward in the deregulation bill are passed.  Judging by the school holidays set by Academy Schools (who already have the option to customise their terms), holiday dates will only vary slightly, and drastic changes such as scrapping the traditional six-week summer break are unlikely.

You can already use MySchoolHolidays today to update and share your school’s holiday dates – simply visit www.myschoolholidays.com and search for your school!

Full details of the draft deregulation bill can be found here: http://www.official-documents.gov.uk/document/cm86/8642/8642.pdf (see page 80).

Extract from the bill, determining school terms:

473. Paragraph 3 moves all responsibility for determining term dates in community, voluntary controlled and community special schools and maintained nursery schools from the local authority to the governing body. The governing body of all such maintained schools will be responsible for determining their school’s term and holiday dates each year. This change applies to England only.

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At long last we have released our new and updated version of Classdroid and introduce to the world Classdroid Pro!

For those unfamiliar with Classdroid it is an Android app designed to work with PrimaryBlogger (or any WordPress blog) to allow teachers to instantly photograph pupil’s work, grade it and up it directly to the blog.

The most noticeable update to Classdroid is that it has been given a face lift and an improved lay out which now includes video tutorials and the ability to send feedback about your experience directly to us (both positive and negative, we aim to please and appreciate any feedback).

Along with these cosmetic improvements many bug fixes have been implemented such as issues with resizing of images and posts failing to upload.

Classdroid Pro extends the functionality of the free version of Classdroid and enables advanced features such as:

– Ability to Group Pupils
– Attribute Work To More Than 3 Pupils (No Limit)
– Mutliple Grading Schemes (0-5 Stars, UK KS 1-3 Levels, UK EYFS)
– Record Video and/or Audio
– Upload Media Recorded On The Device Outside Of Classdroid Pro
– Use Proxy Settings

Classdroid Pro is now available on Google Play for an introductory promotional price of £1.49

Please note that although Classdroid is designed to work with WordPress based blogs/sites only PrimaryBlogger blogs are fully supported.

Get them now on Google Play:



Classdroid Pro


You can chat with us on Twitter @Classdroid

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