School Blogging

We offer a fantastic easy-to-use blogging service for education, and best of all, it's FREE! Encourage pupil and parent engagement and share your learning experiences. Sign up here.

Free Accounts

We offer free blogging for schools with all the tools you need to create an engaging blog for parents and pupils to really enjoy. We offer extra features and more upload space as optional extras that you can pay for. When you sign up, you'll automatically get a free trial of the pbPro account.

Help and Support

We offer ticket based support as standard and there's also a knowledge base of common queries and also video help guides. There are a large community of PrimaryBlogger users who engage with each other, often through Twitter and we're always available on Twitter too to answer your questions.

Safe and Secure

We know how important online safety is and we've got lots of safety features on PrimaryBlogger including inbuilt spam protection, human moderation, keyword monitoring and blocking and external security to block hackers and spammers so that you can reassure parents.

Easy to use

Used by thousands of teachers and pupils already, we're always striving to make PrimaryBlogger simple to use. If you find the admin area too daunting, there's a 'Simple Mode' you can activate at the click of a button.

Easy to Set-up

Set up is really simple, all you need to do is fill in the form and you'll be up and running within minutes. You'll need to be a school to sign up and if your school isn't already in our system, all you have to do is notify us.

Plugins and Themes

Hundreds of plugins are available so you can add extra features and functionality to your blog. There are also a huge number of themes to choose from and there's even more choice with a pbPro account.

Password Protect Content

Restrict access to pages you'd like to keep private by setting a password. Only users with the password can login and see the content.

Teacher Management

Teachers can have control of the class or pupil blogs, allowing them to manage users, control capabilities and even moderate posts before they are published.

User Capabilities Management

Allows the teacher to set what each user is able to do. Allow users to only write posts but not publish, or give them more control, it's completely up to you.

Save as Draft and Preview

Save a post to work on it later or plan well in advance. Preview your posts and pages before publishing so you can check it looks how you want.

Hide from Search Engines

You don't have to allow the general public to view your blog, if you want to, you can restrict access to people who you have set up as users on your blog.

Blog from Mobiles and Tablets

Because PrimaryBlogger uses the WordPress platform, we can use their apps to create blog posts from your mobile wherever you are, making blogging even easier!

Pupil and Parent Engagement

Encourage pupils and parents to get involved, allow the pupils to blog, share what's going on in school and stimulate comments to create a great discussion.

Uses the WordPress CMS

WordPress is a great platform with a thriving community. We chose WP because it's simple to use and has lots of plugins, giving you lots of options for your blog.

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